Yo so i wrote a big ass update on Easter day, and just
as i finished it the computer froze and i lost it so i got pissed off
and just went out…
So what did i write? Did i mention that Thomas
just left yesterday or the day before (the day before) after spending a
few days here. I think he had an ok time (i think the life here must
look good to anyone doing final year university exams). I spent Easter
day with Mariatzell which was really nice, and then last night me and
Joss and George the whining irish went to this girl Coolia’s house
which was (George: Savage!) mental. We had fondue which was really
nice, then played drinking games for about 2 hours (with my new Manga
playing cards which rock the house) before going to the old familiar
Vieux Manoir for some continuing alcohol consumption

Whilst playing ‘I have never’ I’ve learned a lot about some of the people here. Examples:
– One chick has pulled one of her sisters.
– One guy had sex in an airplane toilet.
– The French like sodomy.

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