That was such a weird night. Went to Joss’s for dinner
and to do my washing, tranquille, then ended up having quite a bit to
drink (white wine)…anyway we set off to go to town to watch a bit of
the Liverpool match and bleurgh i throw up on the path. Thinking back,
actually I had only 2 glasses of wine and maybe 3 little beers, hardly
But anyway off we go to town, saw a few people (the
whining irish is going away tomorrow for a couple of weeks too) and
Zotos, but then i had to go really quickly coz i had to go to pick up
my washing before home…Got on the tram and there’s a text from my
Sister on my phone that says my Grandad(maternal)’s really ill and in
hospital, my mum’s with him and to call home for information about him.
It’s too late by now (1am) but Laura txted again and said that he was
stable but serious…craziness. I feel a bit numb now, I think i need
some rest then i’ll think tomorrow (although i am going to Florence
tomorrow for 2 weeks!). We’ll see…

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