Well I think the secretary of the school has finally
had enough of me…not content with sending me to the home of an
obvious alcoholic freakshow on wheels, she then tells me today that i
have to pay her the money i owe him (200 euros) plus 20 for Mariatzell
staying because she doesn’t believe i’ll pay him as i never see him
(because he is never in his own house the weirdo)…Anyway i just had
my final lesson of grammar, it went fine but nobody was in class but me
because the japs all got drunk ast night on Sicillian wine (of which
more later)…

Oh yeah anyway after the secretary dude woman told my a$$ off i asked
her if she could hook me up with a certificate saying i’d been to
school. She said yes, then I asked if maybe, just maybe, she could
mention that I was in Italy for 2 weeks….NO NO NO NO NO that’s
impossible. I paid this fuckin place 202 euros for 20 hours tuition and
they can’t even put the fucking truth on a piece of paper for me.
Thanks a million.

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