It is now my official opinion (probably until
tomorrow) that smoking is not addictive, however it forms a habit in
people which seems to them totally unbreakable. It’s not a need, but a
desire that has been created by the enjoyment of the product. With this
groundbreaking news I give you….

Cigarette Linxxx
British American Tobacco
– Lucky Strike, Kent, Dunhill, Pall Mall, Rothmans, Kool, Benson &
Hedges, State Express 555, Peter Stuyvesant, Viceroy, John Player Gold
Philip Morris
– Marlboro, L & M , Philip Morris, Lark, Bond Street, Parliament,
Chesterfield, Diana, Apollo Soyuz, Merit, Petra, SG, Caro, Virginia
Slims, Klubowe, Multifilter, Polyot, f 6, Longbeach, Peter Jackson,
Dallas, Muratti, Kazakstan, Benson & Hedges, Sparta, Next,
Congress, Red & White, Le Mans, Helikon, Nacional, Belmont, Medeo,
Astor, Rubios, Galaxy, Astra, Kosmos, Derby, Alpine, Lider, Raffles,
Prima, Klaipeda, Portugu�s Suave, Eve, Brunette, Carmen, Palace,
Imparciales, Luxor, Kaunas, Kastitys, Particulares, Fiesta, Diplomat,
Partner, Colorado, Talisman, Kosmosas, Juwel, Zefir, Karo, Full Speed,
Mercedes, Visa, Ritz, Saratoga, Premier, Good Companion, Bond, Wilton,
Basic, Freeport
RJ Reynolds Tobacco – Winston, Camel, Salem, Doral
Imperial Tobacco
– Lambert & Butler, Embassy, Richmond, Superkings John Player’s
Special, Regal, Fusion, The Imperial, Escort, Horizon, Bastos,
Excellence, Drum, Golden Virginia
Alternative Cigarettes – “No additives in our tobacco
does NOT mean a safer cigarette.” Ok…

Ingredients Allowed in Cigarettes by UK law
– Darling, pass the 1-Methoxy-4-propenylbenzene
para-(1-Propenyl)-anisole will you, I don’t think my cigarette has
enough in it…Sorry, I meant the 1,1-Dimethyl-2-phenylethyl

Smoke Express – Cigarettes from �2 a pack, 89 brands available
Since we’re being semi-legal, let’s also buy:
Assault rifles, Paintball Guns (Pussy), Pussies for Sale, MONKEYS, human hair, skeletons, beef or glowsticks.

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