Ok well i’m in my second branch of the ‘Internet
Train’ cybercafe franchise now and well it’s like flying from Tokyo to
Paxos….from flat screen tft sexyass computers to one where i need a
hammer to make the buttons work…i also realise how much the
rollerball middle button is used and not recognized. Humph.

Oh anyway just bought ‘The Brethren’ by John Grisham, which is actually
the book I wanted to buy yesterday but i picked the wrong one up by
mistake and i didnt realise until i was about 100 pages in….oops…

No steroid side effects yet (but i am RIPPED TO FUCK!!!!!!). No more gym for me, i’ll just get viralised!!!

Oh yeah funny story #1 (I shouldn’t laugh but…): The German guy who
lives in my house (not the alcoholic freak painter from hell on wheels)
had his car impounded yesterday for parking in the wrong place. I think
my blatant unfounded prejudice against him is harsh, but he was
standing there, soaking wet, telling me his problem and when he
finished I said…’Do you want some coffee?’…I am a BASTARD!!! I LOVE

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