Oh dear me…someone just stole this woman’s bag
in the cybercafe…she went a bit mental (is still going mental)…oh
it’s ok she’s gone to the police station.

Well i bought a book yesterday and read it over night and this
morning…’The Chamber’ by John Grisham. Interesting…it’s about the
death penalty in america etc and a young lawyers fight etc. It was
quite long….but good nonetheless. 7/10. 647 pages. I think i read
pretty quickly because i also slept for 11 hours last night (my longest
for ages) which was so nice.
No tobacco or alcohol now for 42 hours and no signs of any physical or mental dependance. I stand by my previous comments.

Oh the woman’s back and she’s baying for blood. I feel really sorry for
this poor guy who is trying to sort her out. I can smell a law suit in
her voice. AAAAGGGHHH she just looked at me right in the eyes. I think
i’m the prime suspect.

I’m currently working on an addition to Oliworld so people can check
their email without using Telnet (for example checking Warwick Uni

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