Well it was inevitable…after finishing the two books
i went back to the bookshop and, well, might have gone OTT…I bought
the Lord Of The Rings, all 3 volumes in one book. Well it’s an excuse
to not go out with the German guy hahahahahaha (i am so sad).

On the subject of sad I had a big rant planned about this bitch in a
coffee shop charging me so much for a cappuccino but i have forgotten
about it so i wont…

…Sad #3: Life for the *mixed asians* who do the stupid painting of
names on the streets here in Florence must be horrible, as well as the
ones who make the stupid fucking grasshoppers, as well as the black
guys who sell the fake bags and watches. I think i’m bored having
nothing to do, but they must be near suicidal….

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