about this for a mega karma story…So this bullshit strike is on
across Italy today…My usual attitude towards all protests are that
they’re great unless the mess me around and then they are stupid…Well
when I left the computer this morning I went to get some food and I was
hit by a wall of people…

…’What a great protest’, thought I, ‘They are not affecting my life one little bit!’

So I went off in search of a sandwich…And every time I turned down a
street it was FULL of people all walking towards me…The stock of the
protest was falling, rapidly. I just didn’t understand it, because this
was an Italy-wide protest about (as I understand it) the opposition to
a new law about employers
able to fire employees easier. Good idea – So what the fuck has Che
Guevara got to do with it? Every one of the stinking gyppo protestors
was wearing his stupid, smiling face as they sung their way around town
(and between me and my sandwich)…

Anyway finally I got to the sandwich place and by now I was cussing
these guys out…most were about 14, which begged the question ‘Did
they actually know what they were protesting against?’…Anyway I got
the food and made my way back to the computer when I remembered that I
had to walk all the way over the other side of town (20 mins at least)
to buy my train ticket for Thursday…I didn’t want to risk not getting

…So I head over, dodging these friggin’ Poll Tax Protestor(sp?)
rejects and finally I got to the station. I was too hot, tired of
protestors and bored. And here’s the punchline: The ticket office
people were on strike!!! That made me smile…Watch out for karma, it’s
a bitch.

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