Well that’s odd…at the moment there’s a little
outage at the old Nettyweb cyber cafe, so the computer’s offline while
i write this…hmm…

Today has already been interesting, I bought my train ticket for
tomorrow back to Grenoble (well to Chambery) and I got a different deal
from Mariatzell…I go Florence –> Milan –> Chambery, missing
out Torino and Pisa. Sweet.

This morning (afternoon) Matt helped me test the new Oliworld.co.uk
betting system. I haven’t quite decided how it’s going to work yet, but
the system is running well. You can sign up here:

Oliworld Betting Network

Also I’m just finalising the email checker that lets you read uni mail
and other POP accounts over the web. Great. That’s going on at:

Oliworld Email Checker

What else? I updated Clubsindex.com
with loads of new Nightclub links…It’s been very busy recently
because i’ve been spring cleaning it and it now has more than 500 clubs
listed, including the Bora Bora international nightclub in Mombasa,
Kenya. Interesting.

Oh yeah it’s a big downer, but the webcam computer is turned off today
so no more videos, but when I get my new computer soon in summer…I’M
BUYING A WEBCAM! And that’s for definite.

Also updated:
Shopshake.com with some working links…Still needs a bit of a change though…
Woodside-Cottage.co.uk – Want to buy my house?
Oliworld.com – The new world criminal HQ

Oh we’re back online…

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