Well well well as Laura says ‘There’s
no sleeping on an empty chest of gold’ and that’s the rule that i’ve
been living by for the past 2 days…I arrived back in Grenoble after a
tiring day on trains (oh my god Eurostar First Class from Firenze to
Milano was the absolute bomb-diggy and just do it) but also in a
cattle-truck style piece of shit French train whatever) and went oot
into town, had a couple of beers (first for like 1 week) and nearly
fell asleep…saw Mariatzell who was battered (good start) and she was
going out on a big one which pretty much sealed my fate of going

When I got home (on the first day) i had no electricity and couldn’t
buy any until the day after so i had to stay at Joss’s that
night…ouch…slept really badly on the floor on my shoulder and was
nearly paralysed(sp?) the next day…oh well. So yesterday i was so
busy doing stuff like picking up 2 week old biscuits off my floor and
buying stupid fucking electricity tokens and by midday i needed to sit
and chill so caf�s called….

Last night then continued in an enourmous houseparty double-header
which was brilliant, the first a small affair with good friends and
cheesy 90s music, the second a big house and lots of wasted
stoners…always value for money. I woke up at 1pm, watched the Chelsea
match (joss nearly cried) and then caf�d it again until now…and WORK
tonight for the first time in ages. It’s not so bad. A bit of cash.

Oh shit yeah and I have to do my second essay for Warwick which is a
bit of a downer…for next Friday. I have told myself i will do it
tomorrow and i do seem to be in a motivated mood (i bought a text
yesterday for one of NEXT YEAR’S courses – shit!) so maybe it’ll
happen. Maybe not.

Does anyone know why Al-Faed isn’t allowed British citizenship?

Flintoff – Gossip. On the message board. ASAP.

Wank – I just found a frozen 1.5litre bottle of coke in the freezer from yesterday. wank.

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