Wowzer – look at the time. Doesn’t it just fly by when you’re FINISHING YOUR ESSAY!!! Yes…1500 words on the Euro. Great news.
Pen seems to have created a bit of a stir in France. Nanou, the owner
of the bar, reckons it’s huge for society, because now you can really
look people in the eyes and know what they’re thinking. 20% of the vote
went to the extreme right. That’s a lot of hate. French society
(Grenoble society) really does have a problem at present, and I don’t
see it improving. The only way this could be beneficial(sp?) is if it
wakes up the ‘intellectuals'(sp?) of France and makes them stop wafting
on about being the sons of Voltaire and look to the future of their
country which is going downhill fast.

Rant over.

Big week: Tomorrow – Work, Real Madrid vs Barcelon. Wednesday – DJ
Freddy Jay is BACK IN GRENOBLE! Thursday: Work. Money money money.

Sent out the Clubsindex.Com
newsletter tonight which featured a wicked article by Beckingham’s own
Matt Render. Big ups to him. If you didn’t get it it’s because you’re
NOT SUBSCRIBED. So sign up coz it’s ace.

Furthermore….fuck it i’m off to bed.

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