Well it’s been a weird couple of days…Last
nihgt I was on French TV for 2 minutes, talking about the Le Pen issue
and stuff…very cool…I have it on video too so hopefully i’m going
to be able to bring it home and show everyone my 5(ish) minutes of fame.
to see Freddy Jay again at Systeme last night, it was a bit of a
disappointment after the first time, it wasn’t very well promoted I
don’t think, so the people were’nt as good but it was still great, and
I bought a mixtape made by him which is awesome too so it turned out
Worked tonight, it was a good night overall….I am just in a
daze after sending off my Warwick essay, I’m so glad I have it out of
the way now. I’ll post it on the site soon so Laura can criticize it

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