That ends well, and at least the fucking night is
over. Nightmare at work, well not really but Nanou wasn’t very happy
because there were basically only these fucking arsehole spaniards who
didnt drink and just stank the place up…oh well. Two days ago I went
to a brilliant restaurant with Mariatzell, I’ve had my beard chopped
off along with my hair, some fuckbag found the phone that i’d dropped
in a shop, entered the pin AND PUK code 10 times and now the card is
fucked, and well…I am tired. Nanou said this tonight, and I think he
has a good point:

“If you give importance to a monkey, he thinks he’s a gorilla”

Also I just realised that if evolution is true then it seems to me that
thinking about shit was the last thing to evolve (dogs just fuck all
day long and don’t care). Interesting….

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