Yo so this is the deal: I have to clean my
appartment from top to bottom because the guy is coming over tomorrow
morning to look at it before I leave (he makes sure I haven’t broken
anything). SO today I’m trying desparately to fix all the broken stuff,
like the bathroom shelf (thanks Mariatzell!) and the fridge (thanks
shit fridge).
In other news: Clubsindex.com is now starting to make
me some money (rephrase: Clubsindex.com now has advertising, thus it is
possible for it to, at some point in the distant future, make me enough
money to buy a new mouse).

Everyone seems to have finals at the moment. Good luck to everyone,
including #1 in the whole world….Laura! I’m coming home on the 25th
of May btw.

It looks like it’s snowing outside but actually it’s loads of pollen
all fluffing around the atmosphere. Weird. Grenoble’s climate must be
the weirdest ever…examples…last week we had the most snow since 1
year ago, then today it’s baking hot and sunny, but 2 days ago it was
pissing it down with rain. I now have a cold like a bastard. Doh.

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