So I just had this
meeting with the man responsible for my appartment. He came round to
the place to tell me everything that needed to be cleaned before I


Now I’m not saying that this guy is an obsessive compulsive or
anything, but SHIT did he write down a lot of stuff for me to do. I was
longing for a Cryfield room when he left, where as soon as you’d taken
your suitcase out, there was no more space to dirty…

Today we’re getting some exam marks back and other stuff, and
Mariatzell’s coming back from Lyon which will be a treat yep yep yep.
Oh yeah and I bought my train ticket home (the London –> home leg)
and DORIS BATBRAIN here sent it to home (in England) instead of France.
Anyway hopefully moms and pops will wise up and send them on. Hopefully.

Pastis is the new drink by the way. And lots of it.

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