Well well well Joss scored last night in an
alcohol fuelled shocker…I think he woke up with a hangover but a
smile on his little chops (and his little chop). I apologise for that

So Grenoble is coming to an end (not the town, my stay here). Amazing
to think how long i’ve been here and yet how short the time seems –
LISTEN TO YOUR GRANDPARENTS KIDS when they tell you time flies.

I think I have another ^%**^% essay to do for Warwick before the 31st
of this month. Biznitch. I think i’ll do one about Le Pen, should write

Clubsindex.Com is growing daily…I think by this time next year it will be a very popular website…

The plan: Home to Sturton on the 25th May, then to Warwick on the 27th
May, then maybe home again when (if) a job is secured, then back to
Warwick for the summer. Right.

If i’m at Warwick over the summer I hope there’s loads of test matches to watch…Cricket = FUN ladies and gents…

It is now officially b-b-q and party season in Grenoble. Yesterday we
went to 2 parties and then a bar, today we’re going to an all day
barbecue and then to work at Notre Dame, tomorrow we have another date
at Favella (maybe), but maybe a different party, Saturday is a big all
day bbq at a French guy’s house (who’s coming to Warwick next year on
Erasmus), and then it’s Sunday….phew….I can feel my liver picking
up the phone and calling….112….

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