flies when you don’t look…

So I got home yesterday and it’s all smelling of roses – namely that
I’m buying my new PC tomorrow (or next week sometime) and it’s going to
be a BaD bOy…namely a Pentium 2.2ghz sweet cheeks…256Mb DDR RAM,
40Gb Hard Drive, DVD & CDRW, NVIDIA GeForce 4 MX Graphics, MS
Windows XP Home, 17″ Monitor. I know the 256 is a little small (as well
as being 4 times more than anything i’ve ever had before) but I am sure
it’s UGable when and if I ever need to.

Other stuff to buy soon:

The Sims – I have to find out why everyone loves it so much
DVD Burner – For obvious reasons

Here’s a link to MY BABY

I’m really missing my baby in France but I reckon it’d be better for everyone to get on with life, yep yep.

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