I am quite annoyed with myself for not pdating this
diary more often recently – considering the fact that I have absolutely
no excuse whatsoever to not be online 24/7 (which i am) and at
unbelievably(sp?) high speeds too…It’s just weird, like the
opportunity for other stuff is always there (music, movies etc) that
you just don’t bother to do anything as boring as…well…typing.

I have also been working my a$$ off in the bar…LOADS of hours last
week (49!!!) and 35+ this week and scheduled for next. I should be glad
that the money is rolling in (although it isn’t actually coming in at
all yet, but I should be paid a good chunk on Friday).

I think I have been doing a lot of stuff to avoid missing France – I
haven’t really been able to think about it much whatsoever (except when
I wake up in the night with a vision of someone (Mariatzell) in my
mind)…It only happened once so far, but it was quite scary (not that
she’s scary but anyway….)

I haven’t been watching as much football as I thought I might, but then
it isn’t *that* interesting unless England are playing for me. It’s
like watching Man U v Arsenal every day – exciting the first time but
then every day? Fuck that. Cricket’s my sport…leather on willow on
cork and all that shit. Great.

Happp Birthday to my Dad today…I didn’t send a card (Ecards don’t
count in my house) but I have justified it to myself because I can’t
afford to. I’ll send something on Friday. Hopefully.

I have been doing a lot on the old mixtapes
thing and have finally worked out a couple of programs to make my own
beats from scratch. I just need Tony to email me some vocals and HISS /
ACBDJOD Enterprises will be back up and running!


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