Yo yo so i’m back at home…it’s strange tonight we had a ‘family meal’ and basically it was the 4 of us plus2 family friends – my dad’s bet friend and his daughter. So we were chatting etc., got pretty wasted together then this chick (the daughter) drops the bombshell -she’s 34!!!!!!! She looked like she was 24, acted like she was 16…..shiiiit….34?!?!

Other news: I remembered something from yesterday – a friend of mine came up to me….my age…we played a game of pool + I asked him about his love life – ‘Oh yeah, I got married in August’. What the fuck?!!?!? Married?!?! My age?!?! Dream on son…

It is weird being at home, although we do now have a big a$$ TV and DVD player :D It could be a sweet christmas after all!!!!

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