In retaliation to Oytun’s threat of practising snooker during the holidays in his mansion, J and I made the effort of leaving Tocil today to play snooker. Imagine our suprise and shock when the woman at Union North told us it owuld cost the princely sum of £8 to join!!!! “Shiiiitt” we said, however the thought of Froytun laughing in a Petah Griffin style made us quickly reach for our pockets and hand over the cash.
Conclusion for the day: Snooker is hard. Top break was 17.

Ankle is better (well I can’t run or anything but can walk without bleeding from my ears now)…HKMafia are playing bball tonight so might pop over and take thep iss out of them for being short (joke)…and also there’s a steak dinner happening somewhere over in that direction (check the webcam)…sweet…

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