Old school…so tonight me and Luta~!~!~! watched WWE Survivor Series which was pretty cool altogether (3 cans of Carling may have improved it however)…He was impressed with the Pornturkey gobbling away in the corner …oh yeah that reminds me:

BASTARD!!! I screwed up my ankle today playing bball and will miss the rest of the year…This includes (and is limited to) Thursday night’s game vs the HK Mafia team. Shiiit. The only point of comedy in the whole polemique was that I reckon one of the guys tried to pull me when I was sitting there ice-packing (I said ‘ice’) my ankle. I don’t discriminate baby….(Sorry?)…

Mental note: English actors in hardcore porn RULE BABY!!!

Europe’s Super Rocket Explodes – Nice try guys…
US ‘satisfied’ by Yemeni assurances – Yemenis say the SCUD MISSILES were for defensive and domestic use only…and the world’s not worried about DOMESTIC SCUD MISSILE USAGE IN YEMEN?!?!
Miss World chooses China for next contest – So that’s what Yaotun’s mum does….

Yao Ming’s Personal Player File @ NBA.com

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