Yeah yeah well we made it to 5am and I’m still quite awake…except I did get pins and needles i my back just now which might be a sign of my body slowly failing…anyway it’s Jyrki’s last night here so we’re playing GTA3 and Unreal 2k3 to expel all of that pent-up male sexual frustration based violence that is coursing through our bodies. Oh yeah and we’re watching porn. That helps too.

Doctor J: Actually that increases the hormonal imbalance
Oli: Sorry? I’m trying to concentrate

So anyway what what? Ate the biggest dinner ever of steak and steak with steak (and some vegetable something too)…I think I have broken a personal record re:eating today as I feel v.fat (perhaps for the first time in my life). Great. (This is not a sign of anorexia/bulimia – it is a turn of phrase).
Oh yeah we went to spy on the HKMafia playing bball but it wasn’t very interesting (except I did see Dragon Ken which is always a pleasure)…did manage to shoot around playing HORSE with J for a bit, but was v.glad to not reinjure myself which I was sure I was going to do)…

Hendry Out of UK Championships – GOD DAMN IT (well, at least O’Sullivan is out too)

Zhizhi Wang at – Don’t Forget Me!!! I’m Chinese too!!! (But you play for the Clippers, and they suck. And you suck.)

GTA3 Gameguide at – We don’t need your help! (Yes we do.)

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