Tonight was ace on many levels. Well about 2 levels actually, one because it was fun to just chill out and have fun (there were a LOT of people in the cooler tonight…the most packed Baby B has ever been I think) and they other matter of ME WINNING £10 PLAYING POOL!!!!!!!
Yeah this guy was watching me play pool (we’ll call him Mr.F) and basically slagging off my style, so I said ‘You want to play for money?’…he was all ‘Any time’ and I was like ‘Ok, now’. Then I realised what a stupid move that was, as I’d never seen him play but whatever…we play and I just whip his ass…not even close. SO he starts crying (inside) and challenges me to a rematch – double or quits. Needless to say he got violated again and I am rich. This reminded me of one time when I was twelve and this guy challenged me to a pool game for cash…he took off all of my colours and said if I can just pot the black before he pots everything then he’d give me a fiver…if I lost I had to buy him a pint. He won. Bastard.
I got my first Christmas present today too! Boz + Zahra bought me a belt (as I had complained about not having one). This was a v.good suprise (and also a little shaming as I hadn’t bought or had any intention of buying them anything. Doh.) After BB I went back to Claycroft and chatted w/Tunga and ate noodles…mmm…noodles…He’s off tomorrow…the numbers are dwindling…

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