Sometimes I am stupid. Today is a good example. SO I go along to play basketball at 3 o’clock after waking up especially…nobody there. Actually I lie, there are 3 or 4 people there pkaying 5 a side football.
*Walk away* my subconscious screamed (but of course you can’t listen to your subconscious or it would be conscious) so I just go down and say hello to the guys coz I knew 2 of them. ‘You want to join in?’ says Amir, a Malaysian guy…


So why did I? After spraining my ankle 4 days before playing basketball, why would I play football, a game that I don’t even like playing….anyway I played, I didn’t hurt myself again, basketball is at 5pm not 3 (thanks Ubonge) but seriously I am an idiot.

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