Not to be overly dramatic, but it took exactly 15 minutes of my first day at home to be left alone in the house: ‘Good morning!’ – ‘We’re going out’. It’s nice though, i’m putting the DVD player through it’s paces with Luta’s WWF Best of Raw Vol.1 + 2 which is pretty good…phoned Ben and it looks as if a session at the pub is on the cards tonight too which is always good…

My Christmas presents still haven’t from which is a bit weird (i’m not worried though, I did order them like 5 days before the deadline)…found out yesterday that Laura already has one of the books i’ve bought her – oh well, her loss.
I’ve realised that the codecs on my computer must be fucked (or at least the XviD one) coz my computer at home even plays Die Another Day without any green crap on the screen…don’t know what’s up with it. We’ll investigate.

Red Cross ‘bans Christmas’ – Hmmmmm
Welsh Web designer pleads guilty to virus creation – Always the Welsh…
Legally Blonde – Official Site

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