I’ve gone from MOB to 50 Cent today…interesting…so today I had a haircut and it’s quite short. It was meant to be my ‘term 1 haircut’ as I seem to have about 1 per term, but I might have been a bit premature (EvilOli: Not for the first time! (Oli:SORRY?))…we’ll see.

I talked on the phone to my cousin Lizzie last night (she called at like 1am, totally pissed at a party) which was so cool…another NYR is to keep up the contact with the family (as Mystic Meg says, after finding true love – family connections are next). Respect.

Campus was alive last night to the sounds of Counterstrike playing…that game is kick ass when you’re playing with a lot of friends.

Songs to listen to:
50 Cent – Doing My Thing
Fabolous – Damn
50 Cent – Back Down

Clone cult firm raided in S Korea – I knew it!
Federally funded study measures porn arousal – God bless America

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