Aight well everything is going so well this week I think i’m going to meet my wife (future) coz the 3 best things have happened:

– My song at Soul Nation (and subsequent finishing of album)
– back online (with 180,000 visitors ;o) )
– Nordic basketball team (w/me) beat all comers to win the University basketball tournament

I’ve never played so much ball in one day – 5 matches against Bollywood(?), Sri Lanka, Afro-Caribbean + China (I forget the other one)….The game against Afroz was so close…it was crazy…The final (Against a great China side) was cool too coz I’m friends with most of those guys (after many xmas ball sessions)…Oh shit yeah and they were filming it with 2 cameras!!! I have to get that tape!!!!

It’s all gooooood…..

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