Yeaaaa boyyyy so this morning has been CRAZYY with work but cool – I’ve done some reports on the charity’s website usage (WOKA WOKA) and also some guides for the rest of the ‘staff’ on how to use a website count (Clue #1 – look at number of people). Brain surgery.

May I say that Easynet are the worst company in the world and anyone who says different is lying or works for Easynet or (as I’ve noticed is the case) BOTH. BASTARDS.

Last night was an unexpected trip to see The Matrix: Revolutions. Now there have been a lot of people slagging the thrid film in the trilogy and all I can say is WE DON’T NEED YOU (watch it, you’ll get it) because it’s cool!! There’s just TOO MANY HATAZ in this world…

…on the subject of hataz, I got a copy of the new G-Unit album and it’s ok as far as I’m concerned, not amazing but not shit…there’s no massive club hits on it to speak of but maybe there’s some gold in there that’s waiting to creep out…Jay-Z’s new album is also good (actually it’s great)…it’s really really old school and cool…Jigga WHATTTTTTTTT…

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