STAR WARS!!!!! Ok nothing….anyway…..what? Oh hell restart….

So it’s been a very weird couple of days – talked to the Money girl Shiv (errr actually it was an email you geek) which was a bit of a blast from the past, not as much as Mariatzell popping up and chatting too!!! Craziness. She was like ‘oh yeah I was going to send you a collage of photos of us but you changed addresses’ – yikes! I missed out! If there’s one thing I’d like more of from France it’s photos (or the ability to relive entire months hehehe)…

I watched almost the entire Series 1 of The Office last night and it was amazingly funny, I might watch Series 2 tonight – anyway that’s not the point the point is that I didn’t sleep very well but for some SICK reason I feel great today. Maybe it’s because I just ordered a book from Amazon and I’m going to work on the website again today AND the big edit starts for the December issue today so I WILL become an Editor today! Yippeeeee!!!

“I came back, like Jordan in the 45, not to play with you dudes…”

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