Yeah so I protested yesterday at ‘the biggest street protest ever’ (ahem….on a…ahem….weekday…) but it was…ok…nothing special…

But we drank COCKTAILS after so it was all good!! I got my book from Amazon today – so cool! Soon I will be a PHP king and everyone will kneel before me. One small geek point is that I have been quite pleasantly suprised by my own ability to work with perl with seemingly no (touchwood) problems…our Conference Calendar is nearly ready (URL to come soon!) and it’s looking good!

To add to the crazy blast from past people talking to me, Ly-Ly the lovely Scottish monkey (no offence darling) popped up out of the blue today – and it was groovy to talk to her! I think maybe everyone’s got to that time in their life when they’re remembering the ‘good old days’ (=FRANCE) and so they want to reminisce….or maybe they’re all bored to fuck. I agree….

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