Yeah – that many. One move. Don’t mess with me on Tony Hawk 2 (and for all you fake ass gangsta sk8r boi wannabes out there who think they could pull that shit off – just bring it: you know where we be, in da club all tha god damn time)…ok people might have bettered it but I don’t care it meant a lot to me, ok?!!?!?

ANYWAY, so the Italian invasion didn’t really happen (something about a change of plans – great!) but I have it on good authority that tonight on flat RA69CRAP from Bologna there will be a suicide bomber (ahem…i mean passenger) on board bound for London. We can but pray.

On the domestic NGO front….no news.

On the ca$h front, I decided last night to really spend every single penny I have left before payday on Thursday, so I took the trusty Switch card to Safeway and bought…Doughnuts!!!! With toffee inside!!! Respect to me!!! I think this solves the eternal riddle – “If you could only eat one thing before you were a broke-a$$ hobo then what would it be?”.
This meant that last night, except for paying £6 for a 6 minute phonecall (IM SO STUPIDDDDDDD (but that’s another story) I watched 8 episodes of CSI (end of series 1 and start of series 2) and ate doughnuts until my eyes bulged (TM Sky+ )…

On the subject of CSI, last night’s episodes were good, not amazing, but good – except for one…the first episode in series 2 is absolutely TERRIBLE and it’s worth finding it on the Internet (pay any royalty fee for your downloads direct to the tv company, please…) and watching just for laugh factor. The acting is almost Hollyoakes standard (I said almost…)

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