But that aside – Last night was a CrAzY night – the office party started at 6pmish, and after playing this game where we all put a photo of ourselves as a baby and then had to guess everyone (except that I put a picture of a penguin in there and amazingly there were a number of people who didn’t realise it) we went to this French restaurant called Bar du March�. Nice. The menu:

Pat� de canard
Some shitty pudding

Oh yeah and because the board members were there:

WINE x lots

After we’d trimmed off the deadwood (the vast majority of the staff) the hardcore remained, and thus we headed off into London looking for some after hours drinking. We stumbled across a Sohoian place that was average,, but by then I was a bit wankered so I didn’t care one bit…Mojitoooooooooooooo x 2 later and it was my turn to go to the bar. There were two girls there, let’s listen in:

Girl 1: Hello
Me: Hi
Girl 2: Hello
Me: Hi
Girl 1: We went to dancing school
Me: Nice
Girl 2: I can put my leg above my head
Me: Do it
[Girl 2 puts her leg in a vertical line until her foot is above her head]
Me: *Faint*

2.30 this places shut but the sick bastards wanted to carry on – we were told of a bar in Chinatown called Bar 13 – as we arrived outside it there were police dragging one guy away – Let’s go!!! But it was �7 just for the honour of going in so fuck that, night bus home and 3 hours sleep.
I feel grrrrrreat.

Soham murder trial jury sent home – 3 days of deciding…I reckon there’s someone in there who doesn’t agree with the rest (or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 or 8 or 9 or 10 or 11 (oh wait, but 11 would be one…oh shit i’m confzd now)
PSX rolls out in Japan, but analysts disappointed – Yeah but it’s fuckin cool.
Toshiba preps sub-1in HDD – You must see this hard disk it’s tiny (geeks only)

The official Counter Strike website – If you want to upgrade your RETAIL version of CS to 1.5 so that you can use it on your sexy computer and play on warwick server woooo hoooo etc etc then go here…

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