How come when you don’t want to sleep you’re so tired and when you want to sleep you are wide awake? I’m such a great philosopher. Anyway…

A snapshot of 2002 – ‘Googlism’? WTF?
Hunting Vote Sparks Angry Scenes – 8 pro-hunt campaigners arrested. Now just shoot them and I’ll be happy :D
ITC finds evidence of Korean DRAM subsidies – This and the Bond shit…tough week for North *and* South…
Anna Nicole Smith – Acting skill… – Need I say more?

Quotation – “In ancient Chinese culture, there was always a celebration at the time when the fields were first sown, a prayer that the crops would grow. Today, the tradition continues among people who do farming. There are other times when all of us stop to give thanks for what we have.” – Yao Ming talking about Thanksgiving…the special time of the year when English people, scared that their children might become too ‘Dutch‘, went to America and FUCKIN TOOK OVER BABY!!! WOOOOOO!!!! (sorry).

University students paid to test condoms – You can’t still sign up I’ve already checked!

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