I’d love to watch some boxing now and imagine that the bastards who woke me up at 9am were on the other end of some HaYmAkErS…..sadly not though…

WORLD IDOL was last night!!! What an amazing showcase of world musical talent! The atmosphere was electric and it was clear from their faces that the competitors were having an amazing time! Brilliant!!!

(That was a joke). The Poish girl was like some fucked up midget on mushrooms and the Polish judge was her dealer. It just seemed to get worse and worse before Will Young came on and everyone remembered that he was the gay one and not the good one. Bring back Lemar from Fame Academy!!!! He’d win these competitions easily (he’d at least have a 50:50 chance…)!!!

My dad and I did some crazy bonding last night over…yes…a jigsaw. Oh Christmas spirits strike me down!!! I mentioned the possibility just now of actually entering civilization and going to some shops today. Cue the chorus of ‘I hate Sales’. GGGGGGAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! I think it’s going to be another day of lying in my parents’ bed (my room has been overrun by old people) and watching Kim Bauer and her pops do their thing…oh yeah and I have crazy amount of Naruto to catch up on which Jme will kick my ass for if left unwatched (grammar check)…

OH MY FUCKING GODDDDDDDDDD….Microsoft Update is now running on this amazing tribute to antiquity (my parents’ computer)…It’s quoting 55 minutes to download 4.6mb of shitty patches. It JUST GETS WORSE!!!! On the positive side of life:

I FOUND TWO SERIES OF WEST WING ON NATASHA’S COMPUTER!!! WOOOO HOOO!!!! Happiness truly is a cigar called politics. West coast East side….

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