Oli: 2 hob nobs, 3 philadelphia sandwiches, 1 bag salt and vinegar crisps

Jme: Toast x 2, banana crunchy nut cornflakes (large bowl), bacon sandwich, Chicken sundried ciabatta, danish

Z: bowl of special k for brekkie, then a jacket potato with tuna and salad for lunch

T: breakfast – fat free strawberry yoghurt (Editor’s Note – shudder x 2), lunch – bagel with humous, ham and cherry tomato (sounds gross actually was great, made it myself) (Editor’s Note – Yes, it does sound gross), dinner (will be) – sainsburys be good to yourself low fat pasta with ham and mushroom microwave meal (Editor’s Note – Horror.)

I just had another hob nob when I was writing that and I could feel it not going straight to my thighs and bum…

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