WELLLLLL here’s some updates…I have the promise of a new member to our motley crew of (non) slimmers (I think she’ll be on the healthy side, not sure though…)

SOO last night:

Oli: Box of raisins, Philadelphia sandwich x 2, cheese and onion crisps (high fat), assorted toffees (yumm)

JME: crisps, banana, yoghurt, toasted cheese sandwich, roast chiken, mash peas broccoli, then cereal, a brunch bar and some chocolate…

J: Breakfast: Muffin and a (Editor’s Note – big) pretzel. Lunch: fatty bacon and brie sandwich, bag of crisps. Dinner: huge plate of pasta with cheap ass sauce and a full packet of Jaffa cakes…(Editor’s Note – Additional info: he went straight to bed right after dinner, so no time to burn any calories – true grit and dedication to the cause…)

Z: She’s still asleep

T: breakfast – handful of pretzels (Editor’s Note – obviously there’s a weird pretzel phenomenon sweeping the world…), lunch – bowl of vegetable soup, afternoon – chocolate muffin, dinner – sainsbury be good to yourself low fat pasta with salmon and vegetables (microwave meal), later – 3 cubes chocolate

I think we can see that, due to our girls’ attempt at goodness, they obviously both feel as guilty as hell because they both BROKE from the strain and gobbled some chocolate. This just means that JME, J and myself will need to gobble ten times as much to compensate…

More updates and fun later…and pictures of fat people and thin people to give us MoTiVaTiOn!!!

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