We was a thinking that we should measure our progress with tape measures on certain body parts, but then 22 years worth of scrawny nature [with the exception of J the tank] will tell you that there is no need to check. We know we’ll be the same size in all departments, yes boz, that too, ‘yawn’….. however we will weigh ourselves weekly to show any changes… This way the girls too can join in without letting anyone know their weight… **For those not in the know, a megaton in starship combat will do 510 million damage, something i think we’ll all agree is massive…this comment and relevance of the megaton is not about anyone or anything in particular and nobody should take offence (Boz)**…..

People say that the body with which you are born affects one’s ability to shift that bulk, but people also say that Pirandello actually wrote something worthwhile once so don’t listen to people cos they’re all, without doubt, morons… Thus we have established a level playing field…. 1,2,3 eat!!

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