Having seen the perils of the woman and her eternal nemesis, the pudding, the breakfast, the lunch, and pretty much anything that she can eat we too have joined the ranks of those on a diet. However, kind as we are, this be the Anti-Diet whereby we, Oli, Jme and J, will strive to counter act all the goodness that them there women put into their bodies… we will eat whatever we like, do next to no exercise and every week put on exactly O pounds/kilos/ounces/yadda… Thus we will prove once and for all that if you want to lose weight you can forget tables, points and other such bunkum and get yo’ asses down the gym, stop drinking alcohol, eating sugar and snacking… a non gluten low carb vitamen e high blah di snar diet will not do anything for you…. it’s all nonsense

So, without further ado, where’s that lurpak…

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