With a new recruit today, everyone’s really excited about the challenge that the Anti Diet is offering…but wait…which side of the fat lovin’ fence will FiFi land on? Female – check. Horrible health food – check. Exercise – check. What the fuck am I talking about – OF COURSE SHE’S ON THE GIRLS’ SIDE!!! She tries to be all cool like ‘I eat toffee for breakfast’ but we say FUCK YOU we eat toffee BEFORE BREAKFAST then we eat STICKY TOFFEE PUDDING for breakfast then we eat CUSTARD FLAVOURED TOFFEE WITH TOFFEE SAUCE AND TOFFEE PIECES AND TOFFEE CHUNKS SMOTHERED IN TOFFEE for brunch BBEEEEAAAATTTTCCCCHHHHHHHH wannabe a man I’LL MAKE YOU A MAN NOW PUT YOUR HANDS FLAT AGAINST THE WALL AND TAK…(Editor’s Note – CENSORED)


Oli: Today’s been terrible so far for me! Just Hob Nobs! So healthy!!! Oh yeah and 2 philadelphia (hi fat not low) sandwiches and a bag of (not low fat) ready salted (perhaps extra salted) crisps. Lunchtime soon!!!

Jme: brekkie: crunchy nut, banana…. [cripes]
lunch: foccaccia with chiken escalope, pesto, basil, mozzarella [yikes!]
Jme’s note: i fear for my status as a member of Team Anti Diet… will attempt to rectify (Editor’s Note – Eat it like Missy!!!!)

J: Thursday report: blue berry muffin, chocolate croissant, chicken gravy and chips, twix, snickers, baguette and (I’m sorry) two mandarins.

Z: Bowl of special k and now a leek and potato soup. ***Special Mention*** Turned down a media lunch today – she is ON A MISSION!!! I had a banana and a green tea this afternoon…

T: breakfast – handful of party mix, chocolate biscuit – good start… lunch – ndwiches – same as yesterday but on brown bread not bagel (Editor’s Note – who remembers what T had for lunch yesterday? NOBODY.) and mini box of raisins…and dinner – will be sainsburys be good to yourself low fat vegetable chilli and rice (Editor’s Note – Sainsbury’s ‘Be Good To Yourself’ range tastes like crap).

FiFi (new recuit!)
Today: breakfast: sainsbury low fat berry conflakes (gross)
lunch: ham and mustard mayo sandwitch, nutri-grain bar, diet coke
tonight’s forecast: COCKTAILS only and no dinner
oh and my daily 1L coffee

Yesterday: breakfast – toffee candies, coffee, coffee, coffee
lunch: egg mayo sandwich, diet coke and LARGE coffee
dinner: rice crackers… er.. then 250g of marshmellows, diet coke

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