It is with great sadness that I must pass on the information that Jme nearly buckled under the stress of the anti-diet yesterday, proclaiming that he was….considering….exercising! Disgusting. I just want to let him know that we’re all behind him 100% in this time of need and that he will get through this…

On the flipside of this coin…I’M EATING CHRISTMAS CAKE MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! And Cheddars!!!! Wait, wait…I think I’m putting on a couple of….NOTHINGS!!!! You fat girls better recogniseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this washboard stomach is HERE – TO – STAY!!!!!

Munch Updates:
Last night Jme, J and I went out and we went BIG in an effort to really prove ourselves in the munch department. J did the most admirable act thus far in the Anti-Diet – he bought a BOTTOMLESS FROZEN YOGHURT. He didn’t quite empty the machine ‘My teeth are frozen!’ but good effort nonetheless. It’s this sort of attitude that keeps others motivated to continue…


Oli: Today – half a packet of cheddars (THE BIG ONES YOU BASTARDS NOT THOSE FAGGOT MINI BITCH BABIES), a massive chunk (I’m not playing with you) of Christmas cake…Mature cheddar cheese ciabatta and mayo (and salad – they insisted!!!), bag of crisps, other half of packet of Cheddars, Philadelphia sandwich….
Last night: Half a chicken, corn on the cob, chips, about 2 litres of alcomohol flavoured crap (does that qualify as food?), marshmallows, fried egg sweets

Jme: The other half of the chicken, corn on the cob, chips (i’m sure he’ll update with his post-party snackos at home)

J: Leek sausage (if I remember correctly) and mash potato (the cornerstone of the anti-diet (well it’s not actually (but it should be!))). BUCKET of chicken and chips at lunchtime (mad respect). Whatever he ate when he got home (probably a horse)…

Z: Last night had 8 gin and tonics, this morning a bowl of special k and i’m going out to (Editor’s Note – MEDIA) lunch though so will eat a lot!
Media Lunch – i had a smoked salmon gateaux for a starter, and lamb with spinach and roseamary jus for main and lots of wine…

T: Hook me up!

FiFi: Today: okay today, breakfast- nothing. Lunch- dietcoke, subway (roast beef n cheese)
Yesterday: Hmmm…The other half of the marshmallows, vodka, chiken burger (NANDO’s chicken burger not Gayburger from Gayber King) and chips, I have a suspicion she snacked at home but we await confirmation…

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