From: J
Sent: 16 January 2004 13:41
To: jme
Subject: NNNOOOOOOooooooooooo

While I take your point that at the very heart of anti-diet is not biding by any rules of eating something (especially healthy!), I have to expres concern over the “need” to exercise.

Why “need”? Is it that somewhere deep inside you the diet-Jamie is awakening, warning of potential artery clogging and belly forming, and is whispering to you – (cue: ray of light from between clouds on Jamie’s head + in a Deep voice): “Jaaamiieeee… you Must exercise… lest you become fat… exercise…fat…Rrreemmemmberrr mee…….”

You must FIGHT this sick pro-diet tendency emerging from the subconsciousness, as all the pro-diet TV ads and magazine covers are welling around deep inside you, provoking a move. It might be hard, but we need to stick to OUR freedom of choice. So that there is no “need” to do exercise.

There is a world of difference between feeling like you need to lose weight and just feeling like doing something active, just because you want to.

I hope these words help you through this tough time.

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