Dear Colleague,

Following on from the December issue of Alliance which focused on governance and accountability, we are now writing to invite you to take part in an online discussion forum entitled ‘Rethinking Accountability’, co-hosted by Alliance and Social Edge.

We will be discussing the following questions:
Are we in a new era of scrutiny in the social sector, and if so, what does it mean for us?
What can the corporate and NGO sectors learn from each other?
How do we construct the link between performance, resourcing and accountability in the social sector?
Contributors to the debate will include:

* David Bonbright, Director, Civil Society Programmes with the Aga Khan Foundation (Switzerland)
* Barbara Kibbe, Vice President, Skoll Foundation
* Kumi Naidoo, Secretary General, CIVICUS
* Peter Reynard, Editor, Accountability Forum
* Jan Masaoka, Executive Director, CompassPoint
* Peter Shiras Senior Vice-President, Independent Sector, USA
* Simon Zadek Chief Executive, Accountability
* Marilyn Wyatt, Consultant Specialist in Nonprofit Governance
* Woodrow W. Clark II, Author of “Corporate Governance: the Enron fiasco in America”

The debate is in progress and will continue for a further two weeks. To contribute to the debate or to read what is being discussed, click here now:

Do come and join the debate.

Caroline Hartnell and Anand Shukla

P.S. Please encourage others to participate by forwarding this email to friends and colleagues who might enjoy and benefit from this lively debate.

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