Hello my little friend…
Sony, Nintendo train game guns on Xbox 360 – Duck Hunt 2k6

Google Sued for Allegedly Profiting from Kiddy Porn – Goo goo?

Explorer helped by Chelsea boss – Sturton (as in Sturton le Steeple) means Roman road…

Filipinas aim for breast-fed best – 3,000 topless filipinas and not a hard-on in sight

Full-up Google choking on web spam? – It wasn’t me I swear :x

Sony to ship 50GB Blu-ray recordables in June – $48 minimum

Windows XP EULA in Plain English

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion – Review at Gamepro.com – 5.0/5.0

War Rock – Free to play massively multiplayer online FPS (that’s a mouthful)

FREE to PLAY Ancient Oriental 3D MMORPG – Martial Heroes – Wind Simitar – It has an artificial scratch to increase power and its unique manufacturing process is not easy for any smith. But it is not so effective. – Well it’s better than my Korean…just…

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