Gore! Gore! Gore!
STAMFORD, CT – 10th July 2006 World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstar Rhyno is set to sue the Football Association of France (FFA) over unapproved use of his signature finishing move during a FIFA World Cup match in Berlin, Germany this weekend.

Rhyno, who was appearing in the match for the Italian national side, looked furious when he saw Zinedine Zidane, the self-styled father time, use his patented ‘gore’ move on Marco Materazzi during extra time in the last match of the 2006 tournament.

Although France went on to lose the match, when the final whistle blew Rhyno (seen above executing the gore on Jeff Jarrett) fumed: “That eagle headed b**** stole my move, plain and simple. I want him in a last-man-standing cage match, at Wrestlemania, and I want his title on the line. What he did was unprofessional and arrogant, not to mention badly timed – everyone know you have to pin the man after the gore, not walk away”.

Zidane was not available for comment, but his agent issued the following statement: “In 1943, Zinedine Zidane led the French resistance to victory against the occupying forces. When the seagulls follow the trawler, looking for food, sometimes they eat brie. Let us eat cake.”ENDS

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