As the roof fell in in my office, I decided to check the interweb for news…what a treat!

Post worker caught with thousands of letters“The postal worker faces disciplinary action.” – So what is their job then?

Spitting lands policeman in hot water – Boiled alive.

Zidane headbutt outrage: new video evidence – If you see one thing today, make it this!

Nintendo Wii to ship in UK on 15 October? – Mais oui.

Beer gut bill tops four figures“The average British male spends £1,144 per year cultivating his beer gut, research shows. “ – Well I never wanted to be average…

Ghost in the Shell SAC 2nd GIG: Tachikoma 1/24 Model KitAn unpainted scale PVC figure of Kusanagi Motoko is included.

Yahoo, Microsoft Test IM Interoperability – Cool!

Nikki remains favourite for BB eviction – Cool!

Don’t rely on homeopathy to beat malaria, doctors warn – Nor God, I think they forgot to mention

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