Step 1
Arrive at your departure station approximately 15 minutes before your scheduled departure time. To find out your departure station, ask yourself Where am I now?.Step 2
Buy your ticket from ticket office or ticket machine. If you have purchased your tickets online, pick them up from a FastTicket ™ or similar machine (these will be positioned in or near the ticket office).

Step 3
Look at the Departures board and locate your journey information. The Departures board will tell you which platform your train will be leaving from, as well as other information about the trip (ie, where the buffet car is situated, how many minutes late or early the service is running).

Step 4
Follow the instructions on the departures board which relate to your journey. These will usually be either “Board your train” or “Wait”.

Step 5
Board your train, find your reserved seat (Coach letter and seat number should be printed on your ticket), purchase a large Gin and Tonic from the appropriate staff member and relax – you’ve made it!

Author’s note I decided to write these guidelines for people who have problems catching trains. These people are often ignored by or segregated from society – and their cause is one which must not be swept under the carpet. We can not turn our faces away from this problem, because if nobody sticks up for society’s chumps…who will stick up for us when *we* are society’s chumps?

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