Open Championship starts tomorrow!
Today is meant to be the hottest day of the year, with temperatures reaching 36 degrees celsius. With this in mind, check out this hot joke:A man goes into a café and says “Garcon! One cup of coffee please! No sugar! No cream!”.
The waiter scuttles away, and comes back 30 seconds later emptyhanded: “Sorry Sir, we have run out of cream, would no milk do instead?”

“Doogie Howser, MD” (1989)
Neil Patrick Harris – He must have been really depressed when Doogie Howser finished…although he did make it into Quantum Leap and The Outer Limits which would have put a few crumbs on the table…

Many cereals are ‘high in sugar’Some breakfast cereals contain as much fat as a bacon roll – Then just eat a bacon roll, they’re 10x nicer than crappy Frosties.

Europe’s first addiction clinic for video gamers opens – Epix holidayz

Outrage at racist ringtone in SA

September launch for 103-inch TV – I’ve got something that’s 103 inches >:) … wait…millimetres…

Garage door remote triggers man’s erection – Turkish implant goes horribly…right?

World Cup streaming fails to scoreTurns out that no one was interested in watching footy online. Well, one in 10 was interested, and he’d only got lost when Googling that rude film with Lea off Big Brother in it. – Guilty…

Nazi Goth Asian Midgets – For our friend in Taiwan

Breakdancing Baby – Baby got back? (sorry)

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