If I were Prime Minister, by Yaagi Paagi

There are many things which I would do if I were Prime Minister. These can be divided into two main categories, what I would like to maintain and what I would like to change.

One of the largest mistakes of Prime Ministers of the past has been to try to make too many changes too quickly. I would certainly resist making this sort of mistake, and so the first thing I would do when I took office would be to analyse what is working well in the country, and make sure that this remains untouched. Examples of services I would look into are the National Health Service (NHS) and the education system – two of the real pillars of society.

The minimum wage is one of the most important economic instruments available to a country, and if I were Prime Minister I would make a pledge to safeguard it against change by opposition parties. One advantage of the minimum wage is that it forces companies to pay their workers more, which in turn raises their quality of life and their overall ‘happiness’. Before the minimum wage was introduced, business leaders claimed that its introduction would lead to job cuts (as companies would not be able to afford to pay the wages), but that has not happened, indeed the increased productivity by these workers has created a thriving economy.

The final element of my role as Prime Minisiter which I would maintain would be the special relationship between the UK and USA. Although the world press may view the UK as America’s lap-dog, the special relationship between the two countries is extremely important on a political, economic and social level. Building on this existing framework and making the most of opportunities as they arise would be a key part of my term in office. This is not to say, however, that I would follow the USA blindly – quite the opposite – in fact I would attempt to use my influence in the White House to shape some of the US’s foreign policy, including the gradual reduction of troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, and a handover of power to native forces.

The most important thing I would focus on changing is the government’s stance on the environment, and more specifically, making sure that climate change is put back onto the political agenda. The growing problem of pollution and waste in society is the major threat to our long term future and needs to be addressed quickly and decisively. I would make sure there was a vote in pariliament to stop harmful carbon emissions from factories, and also increase penalties and fines on cars who use petrol and diesel.

Another large scale change which I would campaign for is to make the UK join the European financial system of the Euro. It seems to me that further integration between neighbouring countries is a big step towards securing a global peace and acceptance between different people, cultures and religions. The system seems to be working extremely well in mainland Europe, in countries like France and Italy, and I hope that the same sort of success will translate well to the UK.

The last thing I would do, which is slightly self-indulgent, would be to go and watch Chelsea play football against Liverpool at Stamford Bridge. What would make it different from the usual VIP trips to sporting events, however, would be that I would sit in the stand with the normal fans to show the public that I was a ‘man of the people’.

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