Rain ManWith the 2007 NBA season beginning in earnest this evening, as well as a packed day of Premiership action, there seems to be no better time to introduce everyone to the newest writer on DJOD.co.uk…Rain Man.

Rain Man is a tipster who wears his brain on his sleeve. He isn’t afraid to make controversial calls, and will always share his insider knowledge with the world.

The tips provided on these pages will be aimed at the gambler who bets a regulated amount on every game…to avoid potential ‘DOUBLE UP’ scenarios becoming a fast train to being broke. Logic is the key and Rain Man is the locksmith.

Of course every hero has a nemesis, and the tipster who is the Joker to Rain Man’s Batman is Oytun over at www.oytun.co.uk…if you ever need some comedy to go with our stone cold locks…it’s available there.

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