The US sports world is buzzing about the biggest NFL matchup in 10 years – the New England Patriots at the Indianapolis Colts. With the Red Sox sweeping the World Series, and the Celtics welcoming their first ‘triple threat’ offence since Bird, McHale and Parish, the Patriots are looking to complete the puzzle by proving their football seniority by defeating the reigning Superbowl champions, the Colts.

Just like Arsenal v United yesterday, this one is a tough call. The Colts, as previously mentioned, are the world champions, they are undefeated and (perhaps most importantly) may hold the pschological edge by winning the last three meetings against the Pats. The Patriots, however, boast the most talked about team in recent times, with an offence that has averaged more than 40 points per game on their way to a perfect 7-0 record this season. So what’s the call?

The call is – don’t risk it! If football insiders and commentators are split as to who will win, the only possibility is that anything can happen! Even taking the spread (Colts +5.5) is troubling, because if the Patriots do get on top, they have shown no mercy in running up the score all season long.

Looking over at the NBA, there are some tasty Sunday night matchups – with the pick being Utah travelling to LA to face the Lakers. In what promises to be a tight game, Utah has been given a slight edge by Vegas (-2.5), however betting exchanges are not recognising it, actually making Utah a slight underdog (1.99 to 1.98). The Lakers comfortably beat Phoenix on Friday, however this seemed to be more due to their opponents bad play rather than their dominance, and Kobe was bailed out by his bench. This leads me to Utah, who crush Golden State last night and who I think will be too deep for LA to handle.

Utah v La Lakers (money line) @ 1.99

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